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Long Hair Satin Black

Black may be common but they are always very unique in my eyes. Picture as of 3 weeks old.


The twin spotlight. Blackie White Boy and Dovey White Girl. Picture taken as of 3 weeks old.

Our Dove babbies and they looks like Choco. They are very pretty with the glossy face. Picture as of 3 weeks old.

I really likes the moment she lay on my palm and sleep. She’s our sleeping Beauty!

She’s my Black Crystal Gem. She looks so lovely with her round face and a white dot on her head. On top of it, her shiny coat makes her my princess.

He is my valentine because he was born on that day. He has super long skirt which makes him like a super hero. We called him Batman! Look at his bright big eyes which will charm you to the max.

The growth of our boy from one of our litter. Picture taken from 3 weeks old up and up to 2 months old. Hopefully we can hav another updates of our Shadow soon. Enjoy his facial expression.

White Face Roborovski

He is Prince Gengar. A good actor and likes to pose. He has a habit to rest on my palm. He is just too adorable.

This is Princess Ginger and she passed away with her twin sister last summer. She is very tame; good girl; fun loving and playful. Love her to the max.

Meet my Lady Crystal. She is my tamest and chubby girl. She is friend of my Robo Gengar. She makes my day all the time by standing on her foot and “welcome me”. She’s an apple of my eye!