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Val-aka’s litter. Fantastic 4s and some bubbling time. More individual actions. Have fun and enjoy watching their photo.


She is a LH Sable. Hoping that as she grows, her black fur remains as dark as it is.


He is a LH Silver Sable. One of the silver sable with cheekflash.


He is a LH Silver Grey Umbrous. Can’t wait to see his beautifull long hair when he’s older.


She is a LH Silver Grey tortoiseshell. She’s carried her Dad’s gen (yellow). Since she’s a pup, there were some patches and are very sure she is a tortoiseshell.



Merry Christmas

Lady wishing everyone a Blessed Christmas! Enjoy this holidays with your family; friends and pal ‘pets’.

Val-aka’s litter. Fantastic 4 at 4 weeks old. Interacting with the fours and knowing them individually. Each and everyone of them is unqiue in their own ways. Remarkable batch.


Displaying some New friendly model for show! The ‘Four’s.


First, let’s us welcome our Lh Sable Girl. Won the ‘actractive’ award.


Next, welcoming our Lh Silver Sable Boy. Winning the ‘outstanding’ award.


We have here our Lh Umbrous Silver Grey Boy. Achieving the ‘top’ in expression.


Last but not least, the Lh Silver Grey Tortoiseshell Girl. Walked off the ‘beauty’ award.


Thanks for supporting and we hope you enjoy the shows:D

Val-aka’s litter. More updates of the fantastic 4 and close up view. Getting chubby everyday. They are almost very comfortable with handling and petting. They are growing very fast especially this a couple of days. Catch the growth and progession. It’s totally amazing.

Val-aka’s litter. The fantastic 4 and their photo updates. They are all pee trained after being able to climb into the sand bowl.

Val-aka’s litter. The Golden runt believed to be a girl have left it’s siblings; Mommy Koala and us. Picture of her when we first held her with our hand. When she was a week old, we knew that she might not make it as she looks tiny. However she managed to survive the 14 days and open her beautiful eyes. We are glad that we could held her with our bare hands, looking back and seeing her grow each day. She had been the most special pup among the silbings. Nevertheless, she left us on 12/12/2013. You will be missed and those 18 days with you were precious to us. RIP with loves “hamszupster”

Val-aka’s litter. Horray, their eyes are open and are shinning bright like a diamond. They are growing well except the runt (Golden) which is smaller size compare to the rest. They are loving the veggies as like Koala do.

Val-aka’s litter. Many photo of them before their eyes open. A total of 5 pups. There are 2 silver sable, 1 golden, 1 silver grey and 1 silver grey tortoiseshell. I have started to handle them and give them extra food and fresh vegs.

10 days old

Val-aka’s litter. Just the pups themselves. They have starts to take in some soft solid food on their own, still depending on mommy’s milk. We are very excited and are counting down in 4 days.

Nursing the pups

Val-aka’s litter. Gave her some pea to take a break from her pups. She grab some bite and soon carry it to her nest and continue to nurse them. Loving mother. Pups are 5 days old.