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Signing off 2014

Our golden boys here wishing everyone a blessed Christmas and happy New Year. May 2015 be a golden year to everyone.


Sable is an unique colour and it starts off with black. As they aged, their fur turn brown and some even light brown. What is so special about them is none other than their ring eye.

She is the daughter of Koala and my only remaining sable. Now she looks totally different compare to her younger days.

Koala is a long hair silver grey syrian hamster and previously introduced her to everyone a year ago. Silver fox is one of the most attractive colour and personally started out with my very first syrian hamster back then.

Adopted Koala from a nice lady who is a syrian lover so does her family.

Froyo is a long hair full banded yellow syrian hamster from Trixi batch. He was rehomed and named Froyo by his new owner. We are always excited to receive updates and pictures of our pups. He is lucky to have such a large crazy home with plenty of toys and space to enjoy by himself.

3 weeks later, we received his first update. The first word that came out was ‘WOW’! We almost couldn’t recognised him. The last impression in mind was the little cute baby. We are glad that he settled down with his owner.

2 months later, received another updates of Froyo and he is doing very well at his new home. We are very thankful to the kind lady who had adopted him in July 2014. Froyo and his owner deserved a personal post. Credit to the owner for the photographs.