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Firefly is from one of our litter. He had such beautiful long coat now than before. Long hair syrian are found in the male, very attractive, it require to maintenance the coat regularly.



Happy New Year everyone. It’s been an awesome 2014 for us and we are looking forward to this year. Here wishing everyone and their hamster a good health and happiness in this 2015.

Signing off 2014

Our golden boys here wishing everyone a blessed Christmas and happy New Year. May 2015 be a golden year to everyone.

Sable is an unique colour and it starts off with black. As they aged, their fur turn brown and some even light brown. What is so special about them is none other than their ring eye.

She is the daughter of Koala and my only remaining sable. Now she looks totally different compare to her younger days.

Koala is a long hair silver grey syrian hamster and previously introduced her to everyone a year ago. Silver fox is one of the most attractive colour and personally started out with my very first syrian hamster back then.

Adopted Koala from a nice lady who is a syrian lover so does her family.

Close your eyes

It’s our favourite picture of the day! Ranking them the first. Look directly into their eyes and you will fall for them.

Almost there

3 weeks old in just a few days more; growing (UP-size) and everyday is a brand new day like never before. Unable to resist the cuteness; adorable and innocent looks during these short period. But it can never stay at this shape forever and ever changing as day goes by. Appreciate the bonding time together and managed to snap shot these pictures.

June Batch

It has been quite some time since our last litter. We are glad to have a new batch this school holidays. The pups will arrive next week. Our proud daddy (Firefly) and mommy (Trixi) are of good quality. We are eagerly waiting for the arrival of their pups. (fingercross)

We have decided to keep a few from this batch. For those who had email us separately stating your preference and gender, we will reserved for you upon confirmation of the pup (2-3 weeks old). This is also first come first serve basic as we do not want to disappoint those who are on the waiting list.

Stay tunned and check out the pictures and updates of the pups at our “Litter Progession”.

Fantastic shots

There are some of my humble snap shots of my collections. They are my part time free lance model. You know from the looks of their photo? #memory #photogenic #oncealifetime

Check out our new addition. They were young and innocent as a child. Soon became playful, hyperactive during the night and big big eater (eat with no full stop). Enjoy their pictures and treasure their growth because they will not stop as a child. #blessing #throwback