Its had been pretty long since the last post on our hamstery. Well, we are taking a break from the webs but not our hamstery. We are glad to be back with more posts; more pictures; more info and many many more cool stuffs. Get started with our Silver Sable (Dusty Coro) previously from our litter. Such a big boy now. Greetings from him;)

Next we have our Silver Grey known as Foxxy, the brother of Coro. He is quite shy today and it’s only today (turn away from the camera:D)

We have the last sibling and she is Raine, the Dark Sable:P We are really happy celebrating these season together.

Well, first up is Gong Xi Gong Xi. Next is…

Mucksss Mucksss

Lastly Happy Happy Day ~~:~~:~~

May your wishes come true!!!

Some precious memories forever and ever

Awwww, so sweet

Signing off now with hamszupster… goodbye and takecare