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Individual Selfie

The theme of this week is personal time and here are some quick update and review of the pups. Some of them have been adopted, reserved and available for rehome. Nonetheless, we are spending more time with them and here are some of their best selfie pictures. #3weeks old

a) Long hair golden banded female Syrian hamster

b) long hair golden banded male Syrian hamster

c) Long hair golden tortoiseshell female Syrian hamster

d) long hair golden male Syrian hamster

e) Long hair yellow banded male Syrian hamster

f) long hair yellow female Syrian hamster

g) Long hair yellow male Syrian hamster

h) long hair yellow banded male Syrian hamster


21 days old

Offically 3 weeks old. They are a fantastic bunch of litter. We will be rehoming some of the pups. Therefore do drop us an email to check out their availability.

2 weeks old

6 July 2014 marks an important occasion. Today is the day their bright small eyes are open. We have an equal number of gender, pattern and colour Syrian babies.

Day 12

At Day 11, pups are eating solid foods and fresh bean sprouts. Nevertheless mommy’s milk is still the best and their main supplement. Extra proteins such as egg white and tofu are provided for her to nurse her pups.

Day 11

Day 10

Day 9

Day 8

Day 7

Day 6